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About me

  • About me

    I am wierd and hyper most of the time and when I am not hyper I am usualy pist off and ready to fight LOL
  • Music

    All time low, Cobra startship, fall out boy, all amarican rejects, down with webster, three days grace, theory of a deadman, three doors down, sum 41, green day, and thats all I can think of right now!


    My favorit movies and Tv shows are.... CHARMNED, Gosssip girl, video on trial, south park, simpsons, family guy,Movies I like the blind side, how to trian ur dragon, paranormal activity, and Avatar, harry potter stuff are cool to
  • Lifestyle

    I love ridding horses and I love sports and I constently am listening to music


    All exept hockey and golf oh and I hate lacross. really anything that has to do with hitting the other team and then some
  • Arts

    Um....... I like art.......... lol


    I am Awesome and if u think so to talk to me!

I cried while writing this

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